The simplicity and history of the Darussalam Ciamis Islamic Boarding School which is always remembered by its alumni.

Journal.My.Id,- Mr. Journal will explain the long history of the Darussalam Ciamis Islamic Boarding School, so look carefully. Deceased Kiyai Sepuh, KH. Irfan Hielmy always taught simplicity both to his close family and to his students when he was still healthy and led this Islamic Boarding School. This is what is often remembered by graduates or alumni of the Islamic Boarding School in their daily lives.

The simplicity and history of the Darussalam Ciamis Islamic Boarding School
KH. Irfan Hielmy (kiri) with Prof. Dr. H. Amien Rais
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When receiving guests, KH. Irfan Hielmy always shows a humble attitude, and seems to want to give a signal that this is how the Islamic Boarding School students should take a position or attitude. The simplicity of Darussalam Pesantren is in line with its history. In 1929, around 80 years ago Kiai Ahmad Fadlil (died in 1950) his father KH. Irfan Hielmy, started the story of simplicity that began with a mosque and hostel. The first santri to take up lodgings or stay overnight were young people from a close environment, who were not only taught religious knowledge, but were also taught and invited to learn how to cultivate rice fields, gardening and farming, and were given examples of how to maintain and prosper the mosque.

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In The "Gedung Nadwatul Ummah"
The Tjidewa Islamic Boarding School, as it was called to the santri community at that time, quickly gained a lot of sympathy from the people around so that more people took part in the boarding school. Mr. Astapradja and Mrs. Siti Hasanah, for example, were willing to endow a plot of land in Kampung Kandanggajah, Dewasari, Cijeungjing District, Ciamis Regency to Kiai Ahmad Fadlil. Assisted by people around and students, the Tjidewa Islamic Boarding School finally wrote a note in history to begin the next period with more confidence (optimism).

Situation of Islamic Boarding School Towards Independence.
In 1945, nearing the proclamation of the independence of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, the Tjidewa Islamic Boarding School had 400 students studying the interpretations, hadiths, history, and comparative schools of science apart from the books of Nahwu and Sharaf.

A few years later, Kiai Ahmad Fadlil made a decision where the Darussalam Pesantren (Pesantren Tjidewa at that time) could only accept male students who were the result of Dutch colonialism.. However, because he was supported by a strong desire and determination to escape from Dutch influence, Kiai Ahmad Fadlil taught his students the knowledge of diplomacy in dealing with colonial pressure.

Towards Modern Islamic Boarding Schools.
In the twists and turns of the long history of the Darussalam Ciamis Islamic Boarding School, since its establishment in 1929 by KH Ahmad Fadlil, there is an important vision and mission which is to prioritize the intellectual life of the nation or people. In 1963 the Tjidewa Islamic Boarding School officially changed its name to the Islamic Boarding School of Darussalam by having a number of more adequate learning facilities, such as a 7 hectare kuran land.

Darussalam Ciamis Islamic Boarding School (commonly abbreviated) began to spread its wings in the education system. Darussalm Islamic Boarding School has started to hold formal education.  Starting with the establishment of RA (Raudlatul Athfal), kindergarten-level education in 1967, and then establishing MI (Madrasaha Ibtidaiyah) schools at elementary school level in 1968, MTs (Madrasah Tsanawiyah) junior-level schools in 1968 as well, MAN (Madrasah Aliyah Negeri) schools at high school level in 1969, IAID (Institute of Islamic Religion of Darussalam) in 1970, and SMA Plus Darussalam, which was still on the same level as MAN in 2003.
That is a bit of the history of the founding of the Darussalam Ciamis Islamic Boarding School, in West Java, along with the formal educational institutions that were gradually established, then around the boarding school environment.


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