Arabic Super Camp, MAN Darussalam Ciamis Annual Routine Religious Program (MANPK)

Arabic Super Camp, Kegiatan Rutin Tahunan MAN Darussalam Ciamis Program Keagamaan (MANPK)
Journal.My.Id,- Back again with Mr. Journal. Discussing Arabic Super Camp, you don't necessarily understand. But if you go to a school in MAN Darussalam Ciamis and you happen to go to a major or religious program, the name Arabic Super Camp is no longer a strange thing to discuss.

Speaking into the department or religious program itself, in MAN Darussalam is quite difficult because it is a favorite and superior program that is much in demand. The quite tight competition from the many prospective new students also became one of the factors in the difficulty of entering the MANPK department.

In fact, now starting from 2 years back, precisely at the acceptance of new students in 2017, the selection for entering religious programs has begun to be based on the National. If likened to student admission through the SBMPTN pathway. Where students choose the destination school among the MANPK participants who are members of this system, then proceed with the test.

Arabic Super Camp, MAN Darussalam Ciamis Annual Routine Religious Program (MANPK)
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Arabic Super Camp (قمة الخيمة) in MAN Darussalam This Religious Program can be referred to as the Arabic Camp Camp Activity. There is an Arabic or Arabic word, because indeed in this camp activity we are required to learn and get used to using Arabic and to prohibit the use of Indonesian, as well as regional languages such as Sundanese.

This Arabic Super Camp activity is held every year by MALTA. MALTA is an abbreviation of Majelis al Ulum wa al Takaful, an organization which is a place for every MANPK student activity under the guidance of the Darussalam Pesantren Study Directorate and Religious Program Manager.

Arabic Super Camp activity is held as a method of developing Arabic language in Darussalam Islamic Boarding Schools, by camping for more or less a week, which means it can be more or less dependent on mutual agreement. During the activity, participants will be crammed with Arabic language material which naturally accustoms to speaking Arabic.
That's the discussion about the Arabic Supercamp (قمة الخيمة), MAN Darussalam Ciamis Annual Routine Religious Program (MANPK), hopefully this article will be useful for all of us.

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