Kemah Dakwah Islamiyah (Kemda) MAN and SMA Plus Darussalam Ciamis, Memories Before Graduation.

Kemah Dakwah Islamiyah MAN dan SMA Plus Darussalam Ciamis, Kenangan Sebelum Kelulusan.
Journal.My.Id,- Mr. Journal will discuss Da'wah Camp. The activity is useful and exciting, can talk like that because Mr. Journal has also experienced it.

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Kemah Dakwah is part of an annual routine activity aimed at final year or grade XII students of MAN Darussalam and SMA Plus Darussalam Ciamis. Kemda or Camp Da'wah is held just before students receive graduation info, in the sense of being implemented before continuing education to a higher level.

The purpose of this Da'wah camp is to make a ceremony and apply the knowledge gained during boarding and schooling at the Pesantren Darussalam Ciamis. Plunge in the community to learn life firsthand.

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